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Drug Prevention Documentary

Signature Health Ashtabula created a two-hour documentary featuring seven people from Ashtabula, Ohio, who have dealt with or are recovering from drug addiction and alcoholism.
Below you will find the entire two-hour feature, as well as a 40-minute highlight version, and each story individually. We highly recommend that you take the time to watch each story and share these videos with your friends and family. It could save a life.

Some stories do contain violence, suicide, sexual assault, overdose, and other graphic imagery that may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Directed by Kaitie Park & Gail Castrilla
Co-Directed by Mihaela Burtea & Dani Venen
Filmed by Dani Venen
Edited by Dani Venen
Executive Producers: Kaitie Park & Paul Brickman
Location Manager: Paul Brickman
Special Thanks to Signature Health Ashtabula

Full Documentary

Documentary | Highlights

Story 1: Kenny Purtillo

Story 2: Cheri Stuper

Story 3: Debbie Hunt

Story 4: Dalton Witt

Story 5: Barry Newsome

Story 6: Kristen Derr

Story 7: Tasha Zeigler