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Group Counseling

Our extensive group counseling services offer a sense of community to people of all ages. From art therapy groups, to grief support, to sexual awareness groups for adolescents, there are helpful options for everyone. 

Group Therapy

There are many benefits to group counseling, including feelings of being included and knowing you are not alone. In addition, group counseling can help improve social skills and it teaches members new ways to cope. 

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Who should seek group counseling?

At Signature Health, groups are available to open and active clients only. Anyone interested in attending a group that is not a Signature Health patient must have a Diagnostic Assessment.

Once the assessment is complete, and the patient is deemed appropriate for a group by the assessment counselor, a referral will be submitted.

No direct referrals to group will be accepted outside the agency.

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Mental Health Groups offered at Signature Health include (but are not limited to) the following:

Insight-Oriented Art Therapy Groups

A structured group using the art process as a springboard to personal insight, awareness, and group discussion. Group members will be presented with a thought-provoking prompt and they will then create an art image in response. This is a processing group. Topics will vary based on group member needs and may include themes such as self-esteem, containment and grounding, grief/letting go, self-awareness, stages of change, interpersonal relationships, and more.

  • Group Length: 12 weeks
  • Call for group location and times.

Wellness, Recovery, and Action Plan Group (WRAP), CPST Group:

This group is for people transitioning from PHP, Mental Health IOP, or DBT. Members will learn to develop and follow a crisis and post-crisis plan. Reinforcement of DBT skills including mindfulness, emotion regulation, stress/symptom management, and medication compliance will be reinforced. New members may join at any time.

  • Length: 8 weeks
  • Call for group location and times.

Anger Management/Domestic Violence (males only):

This group helps participants develop an awareness of current behaviors that are violent/abusive and replace them with acceptable outlets for anger. This program is based on a combination of psychoeducation and therapy. Content areas include: managing anger, communication skills, stress management, relationships, boundaries, belief systems, and cognitive theory.

  • Group Length (men only): 10-20 weeks.
  • Call for group location and times.

Art Therapy Open Studio - Studio Fundamentals (A) and Studio Expression (B)

In Studio Fundamentals (A), group members will be introduced to new media each week. Members will learn how to use art materials to self-soothe, relax, and practice mindfulness. The goal of this group is to develop a sense of mastery, improve self-esteem, and engage in pro-social interaction.

The fundamentals group is appropriate for clients new to art-making, or with severe mental illness. Studio Expression (B) is appropriate for individuals with an art background or prior individual/group art therapy experience. The focus of this group is to develop a creative voice through the use of materials. Group members will be assigned periodic homework and are encouraged to use the group as a jumping-off point for connecting to the creative community outside of Signature Health. New group members may begin group on the first Friday of every month.

  • Group Length: 12 weeks
  • Call for group location and times.  

Partial Hospitalization Program

Please see  more information about our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) here

Good Grief:

A support and psycho-educational group for adults 18 and over who have lost a loved one. Coping skills and weekly topics will be presented and discussed. Validation, knowledge, and an understanding of the grief journey will provide meaning and purpose to facing the reality of the loss. Art Therapy is used throughout the series- but is not a primary focus.

  • Group Length: 8 weeks (minimum) - 12 weeks (maximum)
  • Call for group location and times.

Parenting with Love and Logic, CPST Group:

Love and logic are other ways of saying empathy and consequences. This program teaches parents how to raise responsible kids who make good decisions and learn to manage their own lives. Instead of getting angry or lecturing our children, children can focus on their own behaviors instead of the angry parent and the resulting power struggle, which leads to more negative behavior.

  • Group Length: varies
  • Call for group location and times.


This group helps participants manage their symptoms and decrease self-harming and/or self-defeating behaviors. Participants will learn skills to increase distress tolerance, regulate their emotions, and increase interpersonal effectiveness. Mindfulness practice is taught and emphasized. The group consists of three, 7-week modules. New members may join at the beginning of each new module.

  • Group Length: Three, 7-week modules
  • Call for group location and times.

Adult Social Skills Group, CPST Group:

The focus of this group is mental health wellness and recovery which includes: increasing coping skills, improving communication with others, increasing social skills, peer support, mindfulness, community integration, building self-confidence, and building self-esteem.

  • Group Length: On-going
  • Call for group location and times.

Substance Use Disorder Groups offered at Signature Health include (but are not limited to) the following:


This group is for adults who are actively changing their behaviors, or have stopped using substances for up to six months. The focus is on building skills to address relationships, stresses, and symptom management to reduce the risk of relapse. There is an orientation session 30 minutes prior to starting group. New members may start anytime. There is a requirement to attend 2-3 multi-family group sessions, depending on whether the patient attended traditional or MAT IOP.

  • Group Length: Determined case by case, but typically 8 weeks for non-MAT clients, 4 months for MAT clients.
  • Call for group location and times.


This group is for dually diagnosed adults who are contemplating change. There may be some reduction in substance use, but there has been no significant action taken to change behavior. The focus of this group is motivational counseling to help address the ambivalence around making a change. There is an orientation session 30 minutes prior to starting group. New members may start anytime.

  • Group Length: on-going
  • Call for group location and times.

Multi-Family IOP:

This group is for patients that are already in IOP or Aftercare. Addiction is a family disease, so it is extremely important to involve those that have been impacted by the patient’s use. This may include members of the biological family, a significant other, and/or a person not related to the patient. This group will include an educational component as well as group therapy for all that attend.

  • Group Length: varies
  • Call for group location and times.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Please see  more information about our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) here. 

Adolescent groups offered at Signature Health include (but are not limited to) the following:

Adolescent Substance Use:

This group is for adolescents that are abusing substances. The group is split into two parts. The first half of group is for the adolescent and parent/guardian and is primarily educational and experiential. Topics covered include: Substance abuse vs. substance dependency, the adolescent brain, the process of addiction, codependency/family roles, feelings/defenses, and recovery and relapse. Some weeks the second half of group is for the adolescents and parents/guardians to meet separately to process issues specific to them and their experiences. Some weeks the adolescent and parent/guardian work together on an activity or art project that incorporates the educational piece of the group.  Involvement in this group requires a current adolescent CD assessment, weekly CPST, and weekly individual and family therapy.

  • Group Length: A minimum of 8 weeks, with open enrollment
  • Call for group location and times.


Sexual Awareness and Empowerment:

In addition to the above groups, we also offer groups in our Sexual Awareness and Empowerment Program for children up to the age of 18. For more information, please refer to our sexual programs page.

  • Group Length: varies
  • Location: Willoughby

The Council for Boys and Young Men:

This group is for males 12-18 years old. This is a strengths-based group model that addresses risk factors and empowers boys and young men to find belonging, build assets, and deconstruct harmful masculinity beliefs. This model increases skills for emotional, social, and cultural literacy by promoting valuable relationships with peers and adult facilitators. 

  • Group length: varies
  • Call for group location and times.

Girls Circle:

This group is a structured support group model for girls from 12-18 years of age. Founded on relational theory, resiliency practices, and skills training in a format designed to increase positive connections, personal and collective strengths, and competence in girls. Girls Circle counters social and interpersonal forces that impede girls’ growth and development by promoting an emotionally safe setting and structure where girls develop caring relationships and use authentic voices.

  • Group Length: varies
  • Call for group location and times.


“I would suggest the recovery-based groups to anyone. They are in the business of changing lives at Signature Health!”

–Athena G.

What health insurance do you accept?

Signature Health accepts Medicaid and Medicare insurance plans. For patients without insurance, we offer a sliding fee scale program for those who qualify. This means payment is based on your income. Private insurance is accepted only for certain grant-funded sexual and reproductive health services. 

For more information, call 440-578-8200.

Where does group counseling take place?

Group counseling sessions differ by location. For more information about our group counseling sessions, call 440-578-8200.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Please bring your ID, insurance card, social security number of the patient, custody document (if applicable), and a current medication list. If you do not have insurance or if you have private insurance, please bring a proof of income (last 2-3 pay stubs, a bank statement, SSI Award Letter, or letter of support if no other proof is available), and a proof of residency (a piece of government issued mail such as a cell phone bill, utility bill, or bank statement). Please note, if you don’t have any of these documents, let us know and we will do our best to work with you.

How long does group counseling last?

Group therapies vary in length and depend on the specific group. Call for further detail.