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Family Counseling

Our family counseling program will help your family work through issues and build stronger relationships for a positive future. 

Family counseling

Major life transitions, mental health concerns, or substance use disorders are just a few reasons a family might seek counseling. The ultimate goal of family counseling is to build positive communications to solve whatever problem they are experiencing.

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Mom, dad, child all sitting together talking to a counselor

When should I seek family counseling?

If a member or members of your family are experiencing the following signs/symptoms, family counseling may be right for you:

  • Poor communication among family members
  • Family members withdrawing from normal activities
  • Family members acting out of character and not functioning as “normal”
  • Severe emotional reactions among family members
  • A traumatic event occurs and family members have a difficult time coping
  • Substance abuse problems among family members

What health insurance do you accept?

Signature Health accepts Medicaid and Medicare. Many plans have a Medicaid version and a non-Medicaid version, so be sure to identify which you have. We also offer a sliding scale fee schedule for those who qualify. If you have private insurance, we would love the opportunity to provide your care. While we do not accept private insurance, you can apply for our sliding scale. This means payment is based on your income. Payment is due at the time of service. We will also give you information needed to submit claims to your own insurance company.

For more information, call 440-578-8200.

How long does family counseling last?

Family counseling is typically shorter in duration than individual counseling. Sometimes, as few as nine sessions are required. The duration of treatment depends on the goals set by the counselor.

Where can I get family counseling?

Family counseling services are available at all Signature Health locations.

What can I expect during a family counseling session?

During a family counseling session, the counselor will get to know the family as a unit and will establish goals for treatment based on the issues that are presented. The approach may vary depending on the goals set, but all family therapy sessions are designed to help families form problem-solving, coping, and better communication skills.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Please bring your ID, insurance card, social security number of the patient, custody document (if applicable), and a current medication list. If you do not have insurance or if you have private insurance, please bring a proof of income (last 2-3 pay stubs, a bank statement, SSI Award Letter, or letter of support if no other proof is available), and a proof of residency (a piece of government issued mail such as a cell phone bill, utility bill, or bank statement). Please note, if you don’t have any of these documents, let us know and we will do our best to work with you.