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For the convenience of our patients, we offer telemedicine appointments.

Telemedicine Appointments - What You Need to Know


Signature Health is happy to offer telemedicine services to our patients. Telemedicine will increase access to health care and allow patients to be seen and treated remotely. Signature Health utilizes phone calls as well as teleconferencing for telemedicine services.  Whether you are new to us, or have been coming for a while, you now have the option to have an appointment without leaving your home.

We can hold appointments for anyone residing in the state of Ohio.  We accept Medicaid, Medicare.  If you don't have insurance, we can help eligible people apply for those benefits.  we also offer a sliding fee scale where the fee is based on income. 

Telemedicine is a new and simple way to get the help you need, in a comfortable setting.

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Are you new to us?  We can see you Mon-Fri over the phone or computer.

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Telemedicine FAQs

Telemedicine is an ever-growing practice of medicine where patients talk to their counselors and providers using a phone, tablet, or computer. Some sessions can be conducted with a phone call and some will use video conferencing. Telemedicine is secure, private, and HIPAA compliant.

  • A smart device (phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer)
    Internet or wi-fi service
  • Audio capabilities - camera, speakers, and microphone either built-in (cell phone, tablet, etc.) or connected as accessories on your laptop/desktop computer
  • No need to download an app- simply click on your secure link
  • Please note- if you don't have the above devices, don't worry. We can still offer your telemedicine appointment using a cell phone or landline.
  • If you do not have a phone or phone service, you have the option to come into the office and video conference with your counselor or provider

No. Most people prefer the comfort of their own homes, but it's up to you.  Choose an area that quiet, private, and you feel comfortable. If you will be using video during the session, make sure you have a strong internet or wi-fi signal.

Look for a link from your counselor or provider sent by text or email.  Please note, email could be from, which is the software company that provides telemedicine software. Here's a user guide:

If you have any issues connecting to your telemedicine session, please contact the help center at this link.

If you are unable to locate your telemedicine link, please let your provider know.

Accessing Telemedicine Services at Signature Health

To Schedule a Telemedicine Appointment at Signature Health

Call (440) 578-8200