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Hear from Our Colleagues

Kalee, RN, Site Manager in Ashtabula

Kalee has always had an interest in science and the human body, which led her to become a nurse nine years ago.

Since then, she worked at other healthcare facilities before joining Signature Health in 2020 as a nursing supervisor in primary care.

"I can truly say this organization cares about their patients and employees 100%. Not only by maintaining dignity, respect and equality, but administration also ensures that there is work life balance that is optimal for us all," she said. "It's rewarding to be able to see patients grow and prosper over time."

More recently, Kalee took advantage of a Signature Health professional development program to obtain her Master's Degree in Nursing Leadership and Administration from Capella University. She also had the opportunity to further advance her career by taking on the new role of RN Site Manager in Ashtabula.

"This unique position allows me to become the conduit between all service lines to positively impact the working environment for staff through collaboration, respect, and open communication all while ensuring standards of patient care are maintained," she said. "I'm able to expand my knowledge base and continue to grow as an individual within the nursing field."

Meet Lakisha, Case Manager Team Lead in Beachwood

In Lakisha’s own words, a case manager “advocates for people in the community, linking clients with resources related to housing, food, insurance and social activities.”

Since joining Signature Health in 2019 as a case manager, Lakisha has grown into a Team Lead. This role means she still works with clients (including running an anger management group), but also supports other case managers on her team and helps with training newcomers. Her previous experience was in a group home, and she was seeking more variety and versatility, day to day.

Some highlights Lakisha notes are: being an Epic “super user” (since it is the gold standard electronic health record), having advancement opportunities, and competitive pay for case managers.

One client in particular stays with Lakisha: “His goal was to achieve buying a house. When I got him, he was 19. He bought that house at 20. And that has been my pride and joy.”

“Working at Signature Health has been tremendous. I love it here,” she says. “Everyone is very nice and helpful. I look forward to a long time here at Signature.”

What’s next for Lakisha? Finishing school to become a licensed counselor!

Meet Michael, Mental Health Counselor in Maple Heights

For Michael, deciding to become a mental health counselor is something he says his older brother inspired him to do. His brother went to school for social work after he decided he didn’t want to be a chemist. 

“At the same time, I was questioning what I wanted to do. So, taking a little bit of inspiration from what he was doing was helpful, but I think it ultimately culminated in I didn't want to ever just be sitting behind a desk crunching numbers. I wanted to be doing something where I was helping people from lots of different walks of life.” 

Now for six years, Michael, an LISW-S, has been working at Signature Health. 

“I think the most rewarding part of the job is seeing people from lots of different backgrounds, face a lot of different intersectional problems and seeing them be able to persevere through a lot of those. Signature Health does a really good job of just allowing us the ability to grow and to ask questions and learn things." 

He says in his tenure there have been numerous memorable patient encounters, but one stands out. 

“I remember I had one client who was a teenager when he came in and did not want to be here at all. His mom had kind of forced him into counseling. This is a very typical situation I have seen before,” he says. “The first couple of sessions, he didn't say a word. But I remembered a lot of my skills and my training on how to work with this. Over time, I really emphasized building our relationship and what he wanted to talk about. That avenue worked with him and he over time really came to open up in counseling. Then when he turned 18, he made the decision to continue counseling on his own."