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Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a real, powerful disease. We can help you on your journey to sobriety.

We're here for you.

Alcohol addiction is a real, powerful disease. Each year, approximately 88,000 people die as a result of alcohol in the United States.

Over time, excessive alcohol use can cause changes to occur in the brain and neurochemistry, leading to addiction.

According to the CDC, signs and symptoms of severe alcohol use disorder include:

  • Inability to limit drinking
  • Continuing to drink despite personal or professional problems
  • Needing to drink an increased amount of alcohol to get the same effect
  • Wanting a drink so badly you can’t think of anything else
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Your journey to sobriety

Over time, excessive drinking can cause a variety of health concerns (Centers for Disease Control, (CDC) 2019) including:

  • Chronic diseases such as liver cirrhosis (damage to liver cells); pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas); various cancers including liver, mouth, throat, larynx (the voice box), and esophagus cancers; high blood pressure; and psychological disorders
  • Unintentional injuries such as motor-vehicle traffic crashes, falls, drowning, burns, and firearm injuries
  • Violence such as child maltreatment, homicide, and suicide
  • Harm to a developing fetus if a woman drinks while pregnant, such as fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
  • Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  • Alcohol use disorders

If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms of an alcohol use disorder, call Signature Health to schedule an appointment at 440-578-8200. We are here for you and will help you in your journey to sobriety.

Need help now?

Stop by one of our walk-in clinics. If this is a life-threatening emergency, please go to your nearest emergency room or dial 911. 


For non-emergency situations (domestic violence, food/shelter, etc.), dial 211 to speak to a live operator.

Suicidal Thoughts

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.